Cast of “Emily at Paris”: Gabriel vs. Alfie

Gabriel offers looks while Chef Gabriel prepares. Emily in Paris, the actor who plays him is dismissive of his growing status of—as they say in America—a snack.

The return of Lucas BravoLead actress plays Emily as’s love interest and neighbor,’s character. Lily CollinS. French actor Gabriel, 33 years old, made his acting debut in the first season of 2020’s show. The part of Gabriel, partially inspired by Sex and the CityBravo’s debut role in Aidan is his first major part after minor roles in French TV programs.

Bravo stated to the U.K newspaper, “I am, like, an objectified overnight thing… I was just like a Heartthrob overnight.” The Times about his Emily in ParisComment posted on Tuesday, December 28. “It felt a bit rushed. It was too much attention to the quality work that I did.

Bravo answered a question on what being “heartthrob” is like. “It has made me more self-aware.” Because when you think about that word and the people it encapsulates, you see always a healthy, good-looking, ripped person — and I’m not that.”