Talk about the Holy Trinity! 

Ellen Pompeo Looks to other icons Cardi BAnd Lizzo when discussing the importance of female empowerment—and not apologizing for success. The Grey’s Anatomy Star credited her “wisdom”, which she attributes to her many years of experience in the industry.

“I believe confidence comes with age,” Pompeo revealed exclusively during CelebHomes News. Daily Pop on Oct. 28. “I didn’t have this level of confidence in my 20s, 30s, and 40s.”

Grey’s Anatomy Pompeo’s confidence was only boosted by his screen and off-screen performances.

She said, “Of course I have confidence in that set because it’s where I spent the past 20 years and I’ve seen every scenario go down.” “I’ve been on both the receiving and tail ends, I’ve been there for every conflict, celebration or event that’s ever happened. Grey’sI’ve been there for a long time. I’m not as confident in any other place.”