11. Davis was both excited and scared for his first major film role with Warner. During the October reunion, he said that he was “so out of my league”. “I was literally just off the backside of the turnip truck from Salt Lake City, Utah. I couldn’t get out Utah fast enough so I stumbled upon this movie called Legally Blonde” Very green and harboring a bit of a thing for his costars (“I think he had a crush on everybody,” Cauffiel recently told The New York Times), “I was crapping my pants every step of the way,” he admitted. 

His first scene was where he split with Witherspoon. “I sat down, and all of a sudden Elle Woods appeared,” he said. “And Elle Woods seemed so big and full of life that I realized all my choices had been wrong.”

12. He still gets snubbed for the way Warner left his college sweetheart at dinner. “If I’m going be a senator by 30 I need to stop dicking about,” Warner said to himself. Then he proposed to Vivian Kensington, a Harvard law student.Selma Blair.

He’d continue to play roles. Damages? The Vampire Diaries? The OriginalsGet it now Legacies“For years and decades, people would say, “You’re that a-hole from?” Legally Blonde” he shared during the virtual meet-up, prompting Witherspoon and Witherspoon both to defend him. “I’m here just to say Matthew Davis is the nicest man!” She insisted. “He was just playing a role.”