Doja CatShe needs her fans to know that she is leaving.

The “Say So” singer seemed to announce a music hiatus on March 24, tweetingYou can say, “This isn’t for you so I’m gone.” Please take good care of yourselves.

Doja was a South American tourist who traveled with her. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, had to cancel her show at Paraguay’s Asunciónico festival on March 22 due to a storm causing intense flooding, she said. Following tweetingParaguayan supporters expressed disapproval at her Brazil March 24 performance.

One Twitter user wrote: “Not a single picture being in Paraguay. Not a single Tweet. You made us empty!!” 

Doja, 26, simply repliedFurther down, you will see “I’m sorry” in the Twitter thread.

She said the hate she received on social media for cancelling the show over safety concerns put pressure on her. Fans were able to respond. sayingIt’s over and I don’t care anymore.