Unlike Clayton EchardColton Underwood has already given out his final rose.

You shouldn’t assume that you will see the wedding of his bride. Jordan C. BrownTelevision. As Colton revealed during Daily Pop on March 15, “There’s no chance I’m gonna have producers in my ear while I’m getting married.”

CelebHomes News Justin Sylvester was surprised to hear the response after asking whether Colton would consider letting reality-TV cameras capture his special day, but there was no hesitation in the former NFL player’s voice when he issued a resounding “hell no.” 

Colton said, “There are no production companies that would be allowed to participate in my wedding regardless of how much money I have.”

Colton doesn’t just dislike reality television. The March 7th episode of Live: Watch What HappensHe urged ABC to make improvements. BachelorFranchise means listening to past leads and listening closely to contestants. They also “provide help after the show” because these people really do come in to change lives and throw you off to the wolves.