Clayton EchardYou can certainly say, “Hidsight is 20/20.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, Clayton spoke out about the latest episode of The Bachelor in a statement addressed to Elizabeth CorriganIn a desperate effort to end the spat between them, he brought ‘() home. Shanae Ankney. Shanae initially claimed Elizabeth bullied Shanae at the time. However, Clayton now understands that Elizabeth wasn’t the bully.

He wrote, “I’m sorry Elizabeth for what you are going through,” “I wish that I had been there to see the events.” Although I knew that y’all were not in the best place together, I believed at the time it was merely petty drama.

While the dispute over the plate of shrimp may have been petty, the main issue was Shanae’s response when Elizabeth shared that she had ADHD. Shanae repeatedly dismissed the effects of the condition on Elizabeth’s mental health. But since Clayton wasn’t present, he didn’t see what was going on and chose to send Elizabeth home instead of Shanae. Retrospectively, he stated that “I would send Shanae home for making fun at you for being neurodivergent.”