Jesse PalmerYou deserve a good massage after these season wraps. 

You’ve kept up to date with the season of The BachelorIt’s not a secret that Clayton Echard likes to do things his own way. CelebHomes News’ Jesse is the 2004 Bachelor host and explained how it was like to host this season.

Jesse stated that “there are no rules” is a major theme of this season. Clayton doesn’t fear taking chances and making tough decisions in pursuit of his love.

Clayton made a gesture to give a rose in the first season’s premiere. He also sent another girl packing prior to the rose ceremony. Clayton now wants to take Cassidy’s rose back after learning that her “friends with Benefits” are waiting at home. Clayton could now possibly take back a rose, it’ll be the first such thing,” explained the former quarterback at 43.

He continued, “And there is so much more to come.” He said, “Things are that [have]People, including myself and the producers, were on edge because they couldn’t believe it was all happening. There was nothing like it. It’s going to be an eye-opening season, for many different reasons, and I expect you will see more of it in the next episode.