Chrishell stated that she spent thousands on legal fees to grieve her mother’s passing and her husband’s end. And the In progress author, her co-star continues to spread rumors.

“She repeated it recently and tried to make me feel better. Jason [Oppenheim] were happening before, and it’s just not true,” she said. You can see how such a thing could cause someone to lose their dignity and make them miserable, even though everyone is looking for the truth. It is an opportunity for her to correct some errors that are blatantly false. “It was too much for me.” 

Jason and Chrishell made public their relationship in July 2021. Christine had already told CelebHomes News about her relationship when she was asked. Daily PopIt is very intriguing. It works well for them. It’s also very beneficial. Maybe that is the reason I have such a terrible record in real estate. It could be that I’m not doing it right!