Channing TatumNearly didn’t make the cut. Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

The 41-year-old actor discussed the upcoming third installment of the hit male stripper film franchise onKelly Clarkson Show Thursday, Feb. 17. He was then shown a picture of him shirtless as Mike and showing off his dancing moves in the 2015 sequel. Magic Mike XXL.

Tatum stated that Tatum may have said this because he wasn’t interested in doing a third. Kelly Clarkson. “Because that’s what I must look like.”

His comments were continued by “it’s difficult to look this way, even though you work out. You have to stop eating. “I don’t believe that being so thin is healthy.

Tatum recalled having to “work out twice a day” and “eat completely right at a certain time.” Tatum also spoke out about his diet difficulties and how his weight fluctuates by about 15 pounds.

“Why is it that when you take like two months to become really slim, it only takes three days for it to be a disaster?” He said. “It’s gone. It was gone.