Going on tour can be tough on artists, both physically and emotionally—especially when they’re also a parent.

Simply ask Carrie Underwood. Her upcoming Denim & Rhinestones Tour this fall, the country superstar told CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop that her sons—Isaiah7. Jacob Fisher, 3—will unfortunately not be hitting the road with her.

“My oldest is in school, so I don’t really want him to miss out on the normalcy of being there, doing that,” Carrie said. After bringing the boys on her final tour, Carrie said that she was glad to have them along. Mike FisherShe called it “one of my most difficult experiences” and said that she was shocked to learn her youngest child, who was just three months old when the whole thing began.

Travelling across the country as a guest Jimmie AllenCarrie told stories from October 2023 through March 2023 Daily PopWe’ll need to continue moving through Nashville for a while so that I can see my kids.”

As the singer of Ghost Story shared, the boys will not be missing out on the fun at concerts.