Billy PorterBeing true to himself is the greatest strength.

Porter, who won the Achievement Award from the 2022 OutFest Film Festival on July 14, looked back at his past struggles and how far he had come.

“Everybody said to me that my queerness will be my liability. Allies and haters would agree with that, since that was our world.” PoseCelebHomes News’ Star spoke out Daily Pop‘s Francesca Amiker. It was my problem for many decades and it is now my superpower. That is what makes it redeeming.”

The 52-year-old is continuing to uplift LGBTQ+ voices in the media with his directorial debut, Everything is PossiblePrime Video premieres ‘The Other Side of the Mirror’ on July 22, at 8:59 PM. Filmed in Pittsburgh’s hometown, the film follows Kelsa, a transgender teenager.Eva ReignsAs she strikes up a romantic relationship with Khal, her classmateAbubakr Ali).

He said that the movie was a romance comedy about transgenderism and trans joy.