His relationship with his wife Anna Kendrick, Bill HaderPlan to stay Barry, Barry quiet. 

It Saturday Night Live alum, 43, declined to discuss his personal life—including his relationship with the Pitching Perfect actress, 36—in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter

According to From the Inside actor, he keeps a tight lip about his relationships in order to better preserve his children’s privacy. Bill has three daughters—Hannah, 12, Harper9 and Hayley, 7—with his ex-wife Maggie CareyHe divorced his 11-year marriage to Judith in 2018. 

Bill is the new star of the HBO series’ third season. Barry Starting April 24, he gave insights into his relationships with his children. 

According to him, “They want me to be their daddy.” He said, “They want me just to sit and watch.” Encanto Over and over. “So that’s exactly what I do.”  

Back in January, news broke that Bill and Anna had been secretly dating for more than a year.