While the beauty mogul may not have made a public comment on whether or non her lip product is a tribute Mac, it has been honored in the past. She has many of her songs from her two previous albums. Thanks, NextAndPlacementsIn the following, mentions are made of their relationship which was ended in January 2018.

This is what the singer of “Just Like Magic,” said in 2019. Vogue how the loss of her ex-boyfriend was “all-consuming.”

She said, “I am a person who has been through so much and doesn’t know how to talk about it all to herself or the rest of the world.” She said, “I think of myself as a polished entertainer who excels at my job, but then I see that in real life, I am a little girl trying to figure it all out.

“It’s a fine balance between healing myself, not letting things I have gone through be picked apart before I’m ready and celebrating the good things that have occurred in my life. I don’t feel scared they might be taken away because trauma says so.