The real will be Jared LetoPlease stand up!

He plays his wife, despite the fact that he is in the limited Apple TV+ series. Anne Hathaway says she only met the real version of the Oscar-winning actor recently.

CelebHomes News spoke to the Oscar winning actress at the premiere on March 17, saying that “he has a really immersive experience.” Jared is so sweet and playful that it was like I had just met him for the very first time. His personality is so playful and sweet. It’s hilarious to be able to observe some of his contributions to the character.

Some film critics have called Leto a “method actor”, but they don’t like using that term around him. Leto prefers the term “immersive.”

“I’ve spent a career immersively and it’s quite an opportunity,” he told CelebHomes NewsAt the premiere

In the future Morbius movie (out April 1), Leto went to extremes to play the titular biochemist-turned-vampire, using a cane and learning how to limp in order to adequately model the character’s physical challenges.