It’s like nothing you have ever seen Star WarsSimilar to this.

AndorThe premiere of ‘The Greatest Showmanship in Disney+ is Sept. 21. Diego LunaFrom 2016 onwards, he reprises the role of Cassius andor Rogue One: Star Wars Story. This series actually serves as a prequel that leads to the events in the film. 

Where? Tony Gilroy—who co-wrote Rogue One—was approached by LucasFilm in 2018 with their early plans for the prequel series, he disagreed with their vision and submitted his own concept…even though nobody really asked for it.

He stated, “It seemed like a wild idea.” Variety. It was radical and outlandish.

It turns out that Lucasfilm loved it.

Gilroy stated, “I wanted it to be about real people.” The royal family is the focus of all their IP. It has been amazing. There are billions, billions, and billions of other species in this galaxy. There are plumbers, and cosmeticians. Journalists! Their lives! Their lives are affected just as badly as any other.