Alex Warren is unplugging from the Internet—well, sort of.

Listen to his podcast Locked In With Alex WarrenTikToker was launched on April 20, and it is now available in English. Hype HouseStar has forbidden his guests to use their phones while recording. For a one-on-one interview, they are left alone with Alex and his mic.

While the situation may sometimes cause “action-packed chaos”, Alex described the first episode of the podcast with the term, Tana MongeauCelebHomes News spoke to him in an interview. He said that this project is more about allowing content creators and influencers the opportunity to tell their stories, and get the truth straight.

“There are many aspects of social media that most people don’t know about. One example is that I do not know what Justin Bieber goes through on a day-to-day basis. “I don’t know his traumas,” the 21 year-old said. This podcast was created to help people like you. This podcast is meant to help people understand or who feel they have been dealt poor cards and are unable to cope. [be a creator].”