Quinta BrunsonPreviously, I was a vocal advocate for politics. But that changed after ABC green-lit it. Abbott Elementary.

Quinta, the series’ creator understands how much depends on its success. She stated that she used to be vocal on the internet but has stopped doing so because “I don’t want” to.” Hollywood Reporter comedy actress roundtable. “I want my show to be safe and it isn’t just me. It includes 300 other people, so I need to look after them.”

Quinta on the other hand gets that Abbott ElementaryIt seems to be a comment on schools that are underfunded. Although she did not intend to create a show that had a political message for the audience, the actress stated, “That was what became attached to it once its out into the world.”

It’s normal for viewers to share their thoughts from the show. Quinta does not want to be involved in these conversations. She said, “I think the best thing that I can do is preserve this and listen.” “I don’t have one at the moment.”