Kendall Jenner Devin BookerYou aren’t in any rush to get a ring. 

According to a source, Kendall and Kendall are very committed. However, they do not consider engagement a priority.

CelebHomes News has been told that although Kendall and Devin have a strong relationship, they do not want to be in hurry to tie the knot.

Kendall, 26-years old, doesn’t think about a lavish wedding or getting a ring but is content with their current relationship.

According to a source, Kendall isn’t a traditional girl. “She’s very content with where things are right now with Devin.”

What is their relationship like right now? According to the source, Kendall is an independent woman so they can both work around their hectic schedules. An insider said that they spent lots of time together when the Phoenix Suns NBA players are in the same area.