The Ziegler siblings have achieved the delicate art known as the DM slide. 

Kenzie Maddie ZieglerCelebHomes’s newest episode showed that they were right. The DMs are down as they both revealed that they’re not afraid to send the first message, regardless if it’s a crush or someone they simply admire on the receiving end.

Kenzie shared her TikTok boyfriend’s story about how she met her boyfriend. “I slid into his DMs the way that I actually met him,” Kenzie stated. Tacoda DubbsMaddie claimed credit, but Maddie said Maddie had the idea and added, “I told Maddie to do it!” It was mine.

Kenzie stated, “It’s very funny.” “I believe I said ‘hey. I think it was a very casual slide in the DM…We were just talking about, like, ‘What are you doing for Thanksgiving?'”

Maddie claims that they quickly swapped numbers, and Maddie says the couple “literally started FaceTiming on that day, and then didn’t stop FaceTiming up until you became boyfriend and girlfriend.”