Whoopi GoldbergWill not be on The View in the upcoming weeks after making controversial remarks about the Holocaust.

CelebHomes News obtained the following statement on February 1, 2001 from ABC President. Kim Godwin said she is suspending Goldberg for two weeks, effective immediately, due to “her wrong and hurtful comments.”

Godwin said, “While Whoopi has since apologized, she should take the time to think about her remarks and reflect on them.” ABC News and its entire staff stand in solidarity with Jewish colleagues, friends, families, communities.

CelebHomes News is told by a source that Goldberg’s suspension was “surprising to the majority of staff”.

“There are many text messages being sent right now. The insider said that tomorrow will prove to be very interesting. “Discussions are already underway about the topic of tomorrow’s show.”

This news of Goldberg’s suspension follows Goldberg declaring that the Holocaust is not about race in a recent discussion on a Tennessee school board’s decision to remove the Holocaust. MausThe graphic novel ‘The Atrocity of War’ was created from an 8th-grade curriculum in language arts. The Holocaust, according to the actress aged 66 years old at the time was “about man’s inhumanity toward man.”