Neither Man Is Right for Carrie — Alyssa Ray

Debate between Mr. Big and Mr. Aidan has caused divisions in the society Sex and the CityI have been an avid fan for years, but now I am here to offer a valuable opinion. Both men are rubbish and neither deserve Carrie. Let’s start with Mr. Big, whose real name is John James Preston, by tHe way. The New York-based businessman is a total egomaniac, only gracing Carrie with his presence when heFeels monogamous.

The first season of Sex and the CityBig is unwilling to make a commitment to Carrie and tells her that he will never get married again. Fast forward to season two, in which Big returns from Paris with a 20-something fiancée, proving he was gaslighting Carrie in the early days of their relationship.

He then marries the 20-something, only to cheat on his new bride with Carrie, making her the other woman—which is a slap in the face if you ask me. Big goes on to blow in and out of Carrie’s life for several seasons, only to declare his love for her when she’s finally happy in a new relationship. Even though Carrie does eventually fall for the manipulative gesture, they don’t live happily ever after.