It is a bird! It’s also a plane. It’s Jared Leto! No, it’s… Fredrik Robertsson.

Fans were confused when the 35-year old fashionista from Stockholm (Sweden) soared down the red carpet wearing a 2022 Met Gala gown, looking exactly like Theatrical. House of Gucci star. Fredrick was the “fashion addict” Fredrick didn’t know.

He arrived on the red carpet in a stunning black, white and silver outfit that had plenty of thorny pieces that spread away from his body and flowed with his movement. The look, which was slightly different from “Gilded Glamour”, gave him featherlike wings and allowed him to strut on the red carpet. He looked bold in his dress thanks to the sheer pieces that he had spread from his legs and torso. See every celebrity on the red carpet.

The Jared Doppelgänger? Fredrik is an activist for LGBTQ+ and fashionista based in Sweden.