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Let us all take deep, slow, and calming inhalations. We are now ready to go to IVYTOPIA. Beyoncé‘s new Adidas x Ivy Park summer collection is here and it’s colorful, cool and totally dreamy.

IVYTOPIA describes itself as “a state of mind”, where you can find “transformative utopia.” The collection features pieces that were inspired by the natural and supernatural, and come in colors and prints that are lovely and ethereal, as well as bold and futuristic. We love their take on summer getaways.

IVYTOPIA’s new collection includes inclusive, gender-neutral sizes for shoes, clothes and accessories. Included in the new collection are four new shoe styles, cute swimwear for both adults and kids, several hats, a reversible bomber jacket and more. The sizes range from XXXS to XXXXL and the prices start at $30 to $200.

IVYTOPIA is available starting today. The Adidas x Ivy Park collection is very popular, and they sell quickly. We recommend that you act fast if you see a style of your choice.

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