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Thanks to TikTok, we’ve found new foundations we are completely obsessed with, a face mask that instantly detoxes your face in five minutes, a color correcting treatment that’s a total must-have, and a ton of other beauty and skincare goodies we wished we would’ve bought sooner. TikTok recently fell in love with this lipgloss and we are sure you will, too.

Pat McGrath Labs’ OpuLUST: Gloss is the latest beauty product to take over TikTok after several TikTokers like @jourdansloane posted videos of them putting on their “new favorite” glittery lipgloss. The lip gloss is said to make your lips sparkle “supernaturally.” The formula is made of a luxurious ultra fine pearl base, which creates a nice glassy shine. The formula is also nonsticky and can last a very long time. 

It comes in eight shades ranging from a light lavender to a dark sparkly red, but one shade has already sold out. It has been extremely popular in the last weeks and we recommend getting one before others sell out. 

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