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You are looking for the ideal Valentine’s Day outfit? Beyoncé has you covered!

Today, “Ivy Heart,” the latest installment of the “Halo” singer’s adidas collection drops—and we’re crazy in love with it. Like every adidas x Ivy Park capsule, this love-inspired collection features dozens of trendy silhouettes designed with everyone in mind. 

Ivy Heart has 30 clothing styles and 10 accessories. It also offers five shoe styles: a sequin puffer, faux latex puffer, belt bag with heart-lip, and a pair of Ultra boost sneakers. Send your Valentine your Valentine’s wish list! Prices start at $30 and go up to $300 USD.

How can Ivy Heart be yours? Set your alarm for today at 9 a.m. PST/12 p.m. EST (or a few minutes before) and have adidas’ Ivy Park page open and ready. You don’t have to forget the launch if you get distracted by life. You can find the entire collection at select retailers worldwide starting tomorrow.