Craig ConoverAnd Naomie OlindoWe are moving on from the past.

It is possible that the former couple was nostalgic about the June 30th episode of Southern Charm—reminiscing on the three years they spent together before breaking up in 2017—but in spite of that AndCraig and Naomie recently reunited. They both stated to CelebHomes News that their lives have changed. 

Naomie shared that Naomie is on “really good terms with” Craig. She also said she was “super happy for Craig and his girlfriend”. Paige DeSorbo, who got together shortly after he and Naomie hooked up last year (twice, they both confirmed on Southern CharmThe latest episode of “The Last Episode” 

Naomie said that, as far as the events between Craig and me were concerned, she didn’t believe it was as significant as it was made out to be.

This was due in-part to Craig’s own friends—Austen KrollAnd Shep rose—repeatedly speculating about the hookup on the show, but that’s neither here nor there.