One BachelorContestant said it best: “Ding Dong, the shrimp’s dead.”

The villain of season 26 is indeed true Shanae AnkneyDuring the episode of February 14, 2008, he was returned home. The Bachelor. She joined Bachelor to complete her life. Clayton Echard Genevieve Parisi on a two-on-one date to Niagara Falls, where she accused the latter of being an “actress.” This was wildly ironic, as Shanae tried to muster up fake tears on this very date and previously compared herself to Meryl SteepFollowing a false AF apology from the women.

Thankfully, Clayton had enough of Shanae’s drama, telling her, “I’m so sorry, I cannot find it in my heart to give you this rose.” As Clayton and Genevieve left to share a smooch while taking in Niagara Falls, Shanae was forced to take a ferry trip home alone, giving one of the best exit interviews we’ve ever seen in the process.

“I’m pissed! She said that she was literally blindsided. Bachelor camera. “What is he seeing in her?” It’s sickening. It’s disgusting.”

Shanae shouted then into the waterfall: “F–k it, Clayton!” You f–ker.”