Season 16 begins with the sun setting The Real Housewives of Orange County.

April 13 marked the show’s season finale, while there’s still a highly-anticipated reunion to come, we’re already eager to analyze how newcomers Noella Bergener and Jen ArmstrongHow she fared within the competitive world of Real Housewives. 

They are not only compared to each other. RHOCHowever, they are stars from the present and past. Instead, we’re taking a look at how Noella and Jen stack up to every other Housewife in history. It might seem that one needs multiple seasons to become a great Housewife like Noella. NeNe LeakesBut there are many examples that prove it is possible for a small screen to have a huge impact. We can’t forget D.C.’s White House dinner-cracker Michaele SalahiBeverly Hills or? Carlton GebbiaWho genuinely believed in him? Kyle RichardsYou think she has cast a curse on you? 

To be fair, Noella and Jen definitely had their work cut out for them this season with the triumphant return of Heather DubrowThey also failed to form an alliance themselves and blocked each other via Instagram.