Dim the lights and get your séance outfit ready, because Ghost AdventuresThe new season is here.

On March 10, the paranormal investigation series debuted the first episode of season 22 on discovery+. It contains the following: Zak BagansAnd his crew—including Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley—visit a historic California mansion with a tragic past. The episode has everything Ghost Adventures fans have come to know and love: We’re talking a recreated séance, mysterious lore and potential paranormal evidence.

It’s easy to remember why we love writing this. Ghost AdventuresSo much!

Of course, Ghost Adventures isn’t the only spectral show out there. Bagans explained it to CelebHomes News, October: “The paranormal, or the mystery of it, is thrilling because people love it.”

Although not everybody believes in ghosts and goblins, we can all agree that our paranormal investigation shows are the best. Five seasons are enough to show you an example. Some of the most terrifying places on earthPeople were taken to allegedly haunted places by regular citizens, which made them question all they thought about themselves.