Only close friends are allowed to live in this apartment.

This week was earlier. Selena Gomez The was found at Dua LipaConcert in New York City for businessman Zen MatoshiMany fans were left wondering what happened between them.

CelebHomes News has exclusive information from a person close to Selena that the outing was not based on rumors.

Source shared that the two are good friends. The source shared that he works in technology and helps Selena.

Selena and Zen created quite a stir after they were seen together at Madison Square Garden’s March 1st show. Zen took a look at the incredible night, but the “Same Old Love’ artist didn’t post the event on social media. He posted an Instagram Story video that shows the stage as Dua sang her hit song “Cold Heart.”

As for where Selena’s head is at romance-wise, it seems she is not looking for love at the moment and is focusing on her Hulu show Nur Murderers in the BuildingShe is also the owner of a thriving beauty salon.