In season 1, viewers saw Anthony Bridgerton’s stomach. However, upcoming episodes will offer a more intimate look at the viscount. Bridgerton sibling at the center of season two.

2020 will be the debut season Julia QuinnDaphne Bridgerton is the focal point of adaptation (Phoebe DynevorAnthony, her big brother (Jonathan BaileyHer much more (much!) experienced protector, he primarily served this role. His relationships with the Ton’s men and his affairs, such as with opera singer Siena Rosso (Sabrina BartlettHe had also criticized the bachelors who were pursuing Daphne.

He acted like an overbearing father in the absence of their actual father, who died when they were adolescents and instead of encouraging a love match, Anthony arranged for his younger sister to marry Nigel Berbrooke, who was many years her senior and much less charming than Regé-Jean PageThe Duke Simon Basset. Anthony believed that Nigel’s lack of personality was compensated for by his wealth.

Unfortunately, his hopes for a strategic pairing were dashed when he caught Simon and Daphne in a heated embrace. It was all just a matter of time before Anthony and Simon realized they were going to have a duel. Fortunately, it never happened.