Carpet has been a staple of American homes for decades. The reason so many homeowners choose carpets is the many benefits it provides. Among the upsides, carpet is comfortable, it reduces noise, it’s stylish, and warm.

So, if you choose carpet, you made a good decision. However, there are still several factors to consider.

This guide will examine some of the key things to keep an eye on when buying carpet for your home. 

Padding Possibilities

What lies beneath is as important as the carpet itself. Carpet padding is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping. 

Though you won’t see it, the padding plays many roles. As such, you can’t ignore or cut costs here.

Have you ever stepped on the carpet with bare feet and had that instant relief and relaxation kick in? Well, that is all about the padding. Comfort is part of what makes carpet such an attractive choice in certain rooms.

Furthermore, padding plays a role in the durability of the carpet. Quality padding will limit the wear and tear on the carpet. If not the whole house, areas with higher traffic patterns need good padding. 

The quality of padding you select will dictate the foot feet and durability of your carpet. 

Selecting the Style

With the underside out of the way, let’s talk about what you will see. Naturally, the look of the carpet is a huge aspect of shopping. 

There are many different types of carpets. Length, texture, material are all considerations. However, style is not all about looks. Different carpets have different properties. 

For example, shag carpets are soft and provide a unique look, but they can take damage and unravel. Alternatively, Berber carpets, are flatter and hold up to all types of wear.

Think long term. You will be living with this carpet for many years. Be sure the style you select is functional and works aesthetically in your home.

Maintenance Matters

Before you fall in love with a certain type of carpet, find out what type of maintenance is required. Some materials require special cleaning techniques or are more susceptible to stains. 

Again, think about the foot traffic in your home. Are spills a common occurrence? Do pets run back and forth? These stressors lead to dirty and odorous carpets. 

Some carpets hold up to store-bought cleaner. Others need a professional carpet cleaning.

Be sure you are willing to keep up with the required maintenance to preserve a clean and fresh smelling carpet

Be Wary of Warranties

The manufacturer warranty should be considered when buying a carpet. 

Before you decide, be sure to have an understanding of the warranty guidelines. Some have multiple-year warranties. Other carpet warranties can be stain-specific or determinate on wear and tear. 

Though, the manufacturer’s idea of the specifics of a warranty may be different from yours. 

It is also worth noting that many defects are a result of installation. Make sure the company you choose for the install has some guarantee of work. 

Buying Carpet is a Big Purchase

New carpet big investment. Yet, as this carpet buying guide reveals, shopping is about much more than just looks. Keep these tips in mind and ensure you make the right decisions. 

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