CelebHomes – Who’s your role model?

RB: Both my parents and I are close. My dad, however, is in fashion and sells women’s Jeans. He also works with plus-sized women. His lines have always been size-inclusive. Now, it’s amazing that I can not only work and wear his brands but have that same relationship with him. His advice and business expertise have been invaluable. His three-time battle with cancer was over and he didn’t miss a single day at work. This gave him the drive to keep working. 

CelebHomes: Which things would you like to see in your TikTok FYP listing?

RB:While you might expect to see curvy model, my videos are very random. A lot of my favorite videos are singing, TikTok dramas, dances, and funny skits. I love the comments that you leave on your videos. Just send videos to my sister and me and just say “comments”, because everyone says what you think.

CelebHomes – Which TikTok creators would your recommend to someone just downloading the app?

RB: It’s difficult to answer because everyone likes different things, but Erika Pristilla is hilarious. Follow Addison Rae and The D’Amelios to be the best on the app. 

CelebHomes – What is your very first TikTok?

RB (My first video) Khloé KardashianIn a size 16. The exact same outfit was worn by me, but I used other brands. Only the shirt wasn’t from her brand. Although I received some views, not many. Not many people saw my first four videos. This was my fifth and most popular video. It’s where I began to do the real-life clothing haul videos that made me famous. 

CelebHomes: Which is the most memorable opportunity that you have received since becoming viral?

RB: I think the Aerie Real campaign was really cool because there were a lot of people who had a bigger following than me included in that. That I was there was a great honor. PeopleMagazine was very exciting for me. This magazine is about being authentic, not editing ourselves and accepting who you are. A brand’s brand campaign is always exciting. I don’t want to speak about the negative things because it’s too embarrassing. 

CelebHomes: Do you have any advice for your followers?

RB:TikTok’s main message is that it’s OK to struggle at times. While there are many things that we don’t like about ourselves, that does not mean you shouldn’t be living your life to the fullest. We all have our struggles, but together we can make it through. Things will improve if they are discussed and shared.