There are few things better than being a budding entertainer. Issa Rae

The result was not only impressive, Rap Sh!tStars KaMillion Aida OsmanThey got to spend time with Issa but also had the opportunity to be their boss. 

Issa executive produces Rap Sh!t, which follows the the journey of Mia (KaMillion) and Shawna (Osman), two estranged high school friends in Miami who reunite to form a rap group. According to them, the experience of being in Issa’s orbit was a life-changing one. 

CelebHomes News exclusive: KaMillion said that “My dreams are for a mogul.” “I’m looking to…” [Issa]She has her own label. She owns her production company. She is a well-known actress. On the side, she raps. As an independent artist, it was amazing to see her accomplish all this. So finding somebody that I can look to to be inspired by that’s doing it great and successfully, it’s like, ‘OK, take notes.’

This wasn’t a typical creative and production process, either. Issa was also the creator of the first episode. 

“Seeing her be there every day on set, that’s not even common for executive producers and creators,” Aida revealed. Aida said, “She was there everyday helping out and keeping the right amount distance.”