Nell laughed as we mentioned the speculation and said to CelebHomes News: “I believe I’m as blind as the viewer.”

She continued, “I enjoy hearing other people’s stories.” “I get like drunk people coming up to me at the bars and being like, ‘Yo, dude, is that baby yours?’ It’s hilarious.”

However, viewers will soon find their answers. Apple TV+ was confirmed in October Serving as a Servant is coming to an end. “Since Episode 1 of Serving as a Servant“Audiences around the globe have enjoyed this thrilling ride. They are drawn into M. Night Shyamalan’s cinematic, disturbing, twist-filled universe,” Apple TV+ head of programming. Matt ChernissIn a statement, he said. “With every suspenseful season, viewers were able to experience these captivating characters’ living nightmares on an ever deeper level. We can’t wait to share what awaits everyone as this intriguing mystery takes a surprising twist in season four.”

Nonetheless, Nell encouraged, “Keep speculating!”

The new episodes of Serving as a Servant stream on Apple TV+ every Friday.