CelebHomes: Do you have an outfit picked out for every show before you leave for NYC or will designers dress you when you get there?

MH: I work with an amazing stylist, Jill Jacobs–she’s great. Her clients include Kylie Jenner and the D’Amelios. For special events, it’s great to be able work with a stylist so that I can step outside of what I usually wear. Bright coats, mixing different colors and a fun look were some of the ideas we came up with.

One night I wore a really great blue coat, I have a pink outfit coming up. Then I mixed those pieces with neutrals. Events are something I attend almost daily. Depending on the event, or show that I am attending, I often dress for them. Therefore, I will work with brands to obtain outfits so I can go to shows wearing the brand’s clothes. It’s great because they give me the opportunity to partner with them, and I can wear their clothes.

CelebHomes – What must-haves do you need in your bag?