We all like to see what kinds of properties celebrities own. It’s a kind of fascination that we all have about people who live in a way that we can’t necessarily. Especially when it comes to someone that we particularly admire, for example, a celebrity singer or a celebrity sports star, we are even more interested in the conditions in which they live. And that means having an overview of what houses and what land they own.

What few things come to mind right away? You think of celebrities and epic mansions. You think of stars purchasing commercial real estate that they can use for different reasons. And you think of celebrities owning large tracts of land somewhere with high property values, high walls, and a sense of exclusivity. With those visuals, consider each concept individually. 

Epic Mansions

Who is your favorite celebrity that owns a huge mansion? In the MTV era, you got a much better look at some of the reality behind celebrity homes. And then as reality TV took over further into the 2000s, things got a little ridiculous as far as presentation goes, but the idea is still the same. Singers and sports stars like to surround themselves with things that keep them focused on the quality of their life. A vast majority of people will never achieve the resources to do this, which is why we like a snapshot into the lives of the rich and famous. 

Commercial Real Estate

If a celebrity is smart, they will invest in commercial real estate. You don’t just survive on your property values. You can turn it into more money. If you have the resources to purchase commercial real estate, advertise that commercial real estate, and then continually utilize good business practices, then you can stretch your money a long way. Considering that celebrities have some of these down payment capabilities, they often use commercial property as a way to shore up their other income. 

Big Tracts of Land

Do you know how much it costs to purchase a large tract of land? Probably not. However, a good number of celebrities you know probably do. The one thing on earth that is never going to get any bigger is land. That means it increases in value by default. If a celebrity wants to purchase some land, they can just let it sit, and they become wealthier. Plus, if they choose to develop it somewhere along the line, that even adds more value. 

If a celebrity hires a famous designer to do their custom work, that makes it so that they have even more mystique about them. When celebs go bankrupt, you often hear that they are selling their mansion or their land for some exorbitant amount of money. This is all part of the star persona.