When it comes to reconnecting distant family members, there is no set of rules.

Before Aaron Rodgers kicks off another football season with the Green Bay Packers, the quarterback took a trip to Peru, where he explored ayahuasca. Aaron claimed that the drug was able to help him tune out his “negative voices”, but it did not improve his relationship with his family. 

He told NBC Sports that he felt the need to “seize and surrender” and to receive guidance on how to proceed. Peter King. It didn’t. But it didn’t.

Aaron was hopeful, however, that the experiences would lead him to find common ground with his brother, Bachelor Nation Star Aaron. Jordan Rodgers.

“The big message was unconditionally loving myself is the key to being able to heal all relationships—with them, past relationships with lovers, whatever it might be,” he said. That gives me hope that healing will happen at some point.