Aurora PerrineauFollow the flow.

The third episode of Westworld Season 4, BernardJeffrey WrightStubbs drags StubbsLuke Hemsworth) to the barren desert, where they meet a group of rebels, including the mysterious C (Aurora). Bernard tells her that a weapon can fight Charlotte Hale. Tessa Thompson is her friend. But her friends don’t trust Bernard. Nonetheless, she takes a chance on them and follows them into the unknown—an idea that Aurora is familiar with.

The actress joined season 4 of the series completely unaware about Frankie’s character.Aaron Paul(in the episode of July 17). “The problem is with WestworldCelebHomes News: “You don’t know what you are signing up for until you get there.” “You receive a script and it makes you feel like this is what I am doing.

Because of the secrecy, it was difficult for Maeve to prepare for the journey through the sand to search the weapon. MaeveThandiwe NewtonHowever, she said that it was important to have fun and be open-minded.