15. While Fox tried to tease the major death in the season three finale, the victim herself, Barton, spoiled Marissa’s passing in an interview just before the episode aired. Barton said, “My character has gone through so, so much and there is really nothing for her to go on,” Access Hollywood. Oops!

Schwartz called her decision to end his life a hard one. Schwartz said that the decision to kill her was born from a variety of factors. The Daily BeastRatings: “creative, cast Chemistry, Ratings.”

16. Barton also wanted off the show. Schwartz admitted, with a smile, that Mischa did not desire the show more than the other kids. It was complicated chemistry…but it wasn’t something she actively wanted to quit.

He added: “I believe they had mixed emotions about their fame emanating out of a Fox teen drama. This wasn’t the career they imagined, which was a challenge for certain. A lot of research was done on how to do it. Johnny DeppGet fired up21 Jump Street.”