Comedy isn’t always about having fun.

You can find this article here Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? finale sneak peak, Nikki Glaser is recounting her early career struggles while on a trip to Los Angeles.

Nikki relates that when she first began comedy, Nikki recalled being on stage one night and hearing them shout at her to remove my shirt. “And I had to run off the stage and hide in the storage cupboard and call my mom while I sat on a giant can of tomato paste.

Nikki has obviously come a long way since her early days in the business, as she went on to host her own TV shows, like You’re not secure with Nikki Glaser Nikki & Sara Live, scored roles in movies like Trainwreck I Feel Pretty and performed at numerous Comedy Central specials and celebrity roasts.

“It feels really good to have a crowd erupt in applause,” Nikki says, ruminating on her return to the stage after months of living at home in Missouri. It’s not as fulfilling as the feeling I am experiencing right now. But, I know it will never be like being with those who love you regardless of what. That is exactly what I experience in St. Louis.”