Emily in ParisComing in hauteFor season 2.

Netflix released the trailer for The Last of Us on Thursday, 18 November. Lily Collins-led comedy’s second season—which teased There are manyHijinks and fun for the fashionable expat. In the first look below, Emily (Collins) is seen grappling with her guilt for sleeping with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), who had Simply broken up with Camille (Camille Razat).

Mindy tells Emily that “When I left to say goodbye to Gabriel”, she confessed (BBFF).Ashley Park“It turned out to be the most amazing night of sex I have ever experienced in my whole life,” he said.

Mindy may be ready to give a high five for this announcement, but Emily isn’t proud of her self and shouts in reply, “No!” It likely doesn’t help that Camille can sense that something is off with Gabriel.

Emily, who is struggling with her love triangle with Gabriel, reveals to Mindy that she would like to clarify what happened with Gabriel. Mindy, however, doesn’t support the idea and bluntly stated to her friend that “the more you speak, the worse it makes sound.”