Now, the real question here is: Does the hacker actually exist? Really work? 

It was a challenge to test it myself. The reactions of men varied from “it’s cool but not an everyday look” and “the dots in white eyeliner look strange.” Some women found the beauty trend appealing. Others mentioned that it did draw attention to the eyes. It was, however, a bit too much. 

Many TikTok users have had success with the eyeliner trend, despite my experience.

“I DID THIS TONIGHT AND I KID YOU NOT EVERY GUY THAT CAME UP TO ME COULDN’T STOP LOOKING,” one person wrote in all caps in a comment to Michelle. Another person told the influencer that they went on a date and “this man was like I can’t stop looking at you. He loved it so much that he even asked where the inspiration came from.

You can’t tell if the white dots trend will help you find your love. But one thing is certain: It’s an easy way to jazz up your makeup.

With that, shop a few white eyeliners below so you too can achieve the TikTok hack.