Home transformations are a big deal. Jordan Chiles nailed it!

Before wrapping up another school year at UCLA in Los Angeles, the Olympic gymnast decided to turn her first college apartment into a space any young adult would dream to call home.

With help from Pottery Barn Teen, the 21-year-old opted to utilize geometric metals, plush faux far And elegant lighting to create a space where she can work hard andYou should celebrate.

Jordan shared his love for the design of her bedroom with CelebHomes News. The bed is my favorite. The bed has a very modern, clean feel that is very representative of my personal style.

Jordan has a shoe wall where she can display her favourite kicks. Jordan admitted that she is obsessed with sneakers and wanted to have a spot where they could be displayed.

Jordan may have inherited her style eye from her mother. Silver medalist at the 2020 Olympic Games, the Olympic gold medalist Jordan says her mom, who is an inspiration in style, always knows how to maximize a space.