We Can’t Keep These 25 Secrets About Casper Hidden Any Longer

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7. Sawa was intimidated Christina RicciWhen he first met her, he had already won the official role of human Casper. Vulture“She had a little bit ‘I’m a boss around here’ vibe,” she said. But she quickly got to know her. I believe we had instant chemistry. We quickly became close friends.”

8. Ricci and Sawa were also lovers in Now & ThenThe book also came out in 1995 as a sequel, titled. Ricci was the one who recommended Sawa to play Scott Wormer.

Sawa recently stated that she credits Sawa for securing the role. “We got along very well in the limited time I worked on them.” Casper. We are the same age, so I ended up going to school with her while she was there. I only worked for one or two days, but was there for two weeks. She remembered me and recommended me to her. I was then taped and got it. We spent a lot of time together during the shoot.”

9. Well, it may have been because of puppy love, as it was later revealed by Now & Thenstar Thora BirchBirch said Ricci won the contest, and there was a bit more of a “contest”. CelebHomes News asked Sawa if he believed the crush claim. He said that he didn’t know. I believe I was 14 or so. They were all so beautiful, all four of them.”