Elsewhere in the show, Zoë played an overjoyed maid of honor, giving a toast to her best friend on her wedding day.

The groom became more worried as she continued her speech. He learned his wife was the father of multiple children. Jackass As part of the Jan. 6, insurrection, they stormed and cast their ballots at the U.S. Capitol.  

And, in another sketch, Zoë helped the Please Don’t Destroy team find the cat they had purchased her as a gift only to end up finding her Batman co-star Paul Dano hiding under a couch instead.  

When asked what he was doing, Paul shared that he had been “living down there” because he was “researching a new movie I’m doing.” 

Paul stated, “It’s three men who suck,” before revealing a poster about a movie called The Boring Writers that featured multiple actors playing the Do not destroy cast. He added that it was all about him! 

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