This week, the wheel of fortune did not spin in favor of one contestant. 

Tuesday 21 December Wheel of Fortune contestant Charlene RubushWith $16,500 cash in her pockets, she was at the top her game and made it to the Bonus round. After that, she was unable to answer the last puzzle correctly, even though it took her a while to find the correct solution, and lost out on an Audi Q3.  

The video clip, Rubush first incorrectly guesses the answer, then correctly solves it—but with a long pause in the middle—just as the buzzer dings. The puzzle solution was “Choosing the correct word” to avoid maximum confusion. 

That long pause cost her everything. 

This is the host of the program. Pat SajakHe broke the bad news. “You’re right, this is hard because you’ve used the correct words and even the word word’. However, it must be continuous, as you all know,” he said.