This holiday season, it’s cold!

Sirius XM Show Radio Andy, Tori Spelling Subtly avoided answering a question about husband Dean McDermott amid the news about their impending divorce. Host Jeff Lewis Ask the Beverly Hills 90210 star, “Alright, so holiday shopping—what are we getting Dean? Anything?”

She briefly stopped before saying “Yes, obviously, the kids will get him something.” 

When Jeff pressed for more details, Tori added that she will be “contributing” to Dean’s gift, so it seems not all love is lost between the couple.

“OK. So do you really know what you’re doing?” He asked. She avoided the question and instead compared the situation to his dynamic with his ex: “What are you getting Gage?” Jeff and Gage had been together eight years, before they split in 2019. Gage and Jeff were together for eight years before they split in 2019.

Tori flipped the script and stated, “You must. Monroe has to get him something,” referring to the couple’s 5-year-old daughter. “That’s how it works… Hi, welcome to life.”