Everyone else is trying hard to make rubber. Todd Chrisley I’m just trying to get some ZZZs. 

Here’s a funny sneak peek of tonight’s episode Chrisley Knows Best, Television’s Thursday Nov. 11 airs Todd, the beloved patriarch, trying to nap during NASCAR race day. Chase Chrisley Nanny FayeAnd Savannah Chrisley are outside tailgating. Todd was awakened by Savannah’s cornhole game. He left his RV and asked Nanny Faye what the heck is happening outside. 

Nanny Faye replied, saying, “Hell! We’re having fun here.” She called the fellow tailgaters her new “friends” that day. She adds, “This is like an enjoyable little community around here.” 

Todd tells his family to be quiet. “You woke me up by making all of this noise.” 

Savannah says that Todd’s plans didn’t work out from the beginning. She chuckles, “You don’t come to race day in order to take a break.”