Jesse Meester, tantric yoga master? 

The 90 Day Fiancé alum, who is best known for his explosive fights and “toxic” relationship with ex Darcey Silvia, now has a different perspective on love. A sneak peak at the new episode 90 Days: Single Life, airing Friday, Nov. 26, Jesse impresses fellow Prior to the 90 Days Star Jeniffer Tarazona with his thoughtful approach to making the first move—and let’s just say, we’re a little surprised by Jesse 2.0. 

So I thought it would be great to feel a little more relaxed, so take off the suit. Darcey & Stacey Star says it in his hotel bedroom 

Jennifer confesses in a confessional that Jesse would make her feel uncomfortable if she didn’t first flirt with her. Jennifer explains, “If I was forced to do the first dance, I would not be interested in it because it will bore me.” It would feel like [ex] Tim [Malcolm]This was my worst nightmare. Man up.” 

Jennifer inquires about Jesse’s availability of a robe that she could change into. Jesse suggested they “wind down and relax” together.